The Company

Mr. Vassilis G. Triantafyllou has been working professionally for forty-five years in Interpretation, Translation and Teaching.

He is a Conference Interpreter and a member of AIIC . He maintains the professional website, while he is an external translator – collaborator of the European Parliament and the European Commission.

Professor of Italian Language, Translation and Literature. Teaches Translation and Interpretation.

About 10 years ago Vassilis G. Triantafyllou together with four other translators, coming from three different generations with a common passion for multilingual communication, joined forces and created the company Podium with the aim of facilitating and fruitful constructive dialogue between countries, cultures, companies and ordinary citizens across the length and breadth of the earth.

The Podium enters the new era dynamically and with the ally of the latest technology is next to you and undertakes the implementation of your international and domestic meetings.

Today, looking at what he and his associates have achieved, they feel justified for the then decision to converge and merge into a common course.

Mr. Vassilis G. Triantafyllou took care in the fields of translation and interpretation that it covers to be established and stand out, to be one step ahead, offering exceptional precision and specialized knowledge.

Our commitment to offer specialized and quality services is a guarantee of success.

We will be happy to contact us and to serve you.